Thursday, February 19, 2009

Ok back to knitting

Ok, so I'll be attending Baby Shower Number #2 on February 28. Yeah I know, not much time, but I'm making a hooded sweater for the baby and I'll be making another diaper wreath for this one as well.

Then Baby Shower #3 is on March 22nd. Much more time. I'm hoping to actually do the Pinwheel Blanket for that one. But we will see how that goes! I may betoo ambitious for my own good. LOL But that's ok, I aim high!

Monday, February 9, 2009

I can crochet!

Woohoo! check it out! - Here is my first finished crochet scarf ever! It is Single Crochet all the way (I only know how to do that stitch LOL)!!!!!!!
Its a K hook, and Lion Brand Wool.

Here is project number two- meant to hone my newly acquired single crochet skills of course :)

After I finish this one, I'll start trying to figure out how to double crochet and so on, in between baby shower knitting. (that commences this Friday)

Friday, February 6, 2009


Thanks Susan, for the wonderful wool you've bestowed upon me! lol I finished the Calorimetry and I've just got to weave in the ends and get the button sewn on! Woohoo! Here are some pics:

I love how this came out. I only casted on 96 instead of what the pattern called for and only 13 repeats of the short row section. :) Came out beautifully! Hopefully I'll get it finished up soon and do some modeling for ya :)

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Ok, so here are the pictures of the Gifts. I also have the ones of the bear on my Ravelry - because he is modeling the Minty-Fresh Vest LOL. So here is the bear wearing the vest! He looks lovely doesn't he? The booties that I made didn't fit the bear so I kinda just rubber banded them on him :)

Here is the finished product of the Diaper Wreath: I think its pretty good for my first time, huh?

And here is what it looked like with just the diapers and the ribbons tied on. Ok so now i have to get started on baby shower number 2!

Monday, February 2, 2009

First shower down!

Yesterday was Melissa's Shower- Unfortunately, I didn't upload the pics of the gifts I made yet, I'll update with them soon. I wound making the Pebble Vest and matching baby booties .

I also made her a diaper wreath- my first one ever and it came out Fan-frickin'-tastic! (Of course, if I do say so myself!) So esy and everone loved it! So I bought a teddy bear to put the vest and booties on so I can gift it that way. It was really rather cute!
I'm so glad that was a success, and now its onto Erica's shower. I have to figure out what to make for that!