Monday, May 5, 2008

Finished up some loose ends this weekend

Ok so this weekend, I figured it was a good time to finish up some projects that were just about done but still sitting on the needles LOL. So I finished Katie's hat- the blue cotton hat(using the VW hat pattern). For some reason I don't think the seaming turned out too well :( .

I also bound off the two hour handbag and stitched the seam. All that is left to do for that one is to felt it. I'm a bit nervous since I've never felted anything before- and there are a couple mistakes that I'm hoping the felting process will cover up! HAHA

But most of all, I'm still trucking on the cable throw- gosh that can be boring doing the same stitches over and over! UGH! But I'm determined to finish it for Lisa! I jsut have to keep telling myself I ca n do it!

So here is the blue cotton hat: Modeled by Andrew :)

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