Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Wow its certainly has been a spell....

Wow, it says I haven't posted since August. That can't be right. Now I'm not necessarily calling Blogspot a liar, but really, it can't be true. Oh well, those are the breaks. It was probably just the end of the summer knitting rut. Everyone goes through that, no? Well, maybe not but I did!

Ok on to the stuff. lol. Here's what I've got OTN:

1. Silver Fingerless Mitts from the Julia Cooper Chick Knits book- VERY AWESOME~These will probably be completed early next week. I'm contemplating giving them to Rosie for Christmas, but that would entail a matching hat and I may not have the time or the discipline to actually get it done. But I will certainly try!

2. A Chicago Bears scarf for Hubby. He has been bugging me forever to do it for him and so I just started those. I'm just doing a simple garter stripe with Lion Brand Thick and Quick yarn (super bulky) and size 17 needles. Cake. He also ordered Bears patches to sew on it, so it will be very nice looking! Again, I'm hoping for the discipline to get it done by Christmas. He needs a matching hat too, no? :)

3. Cuckoo for Cables clutch purse. This isn't for anyone, its just because, and I've got a little ways to go on it. It has taken a back seat to numbers 1 and 2. That's the way it goes. *sigh*

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