Wednesday, January 7, 2009

ok change of plans ...

So yesterday I got an invitation to Melissa's Baby Shower and its February 1st! AHHHH So, a change of plans is in order. I am planning to knit as many things in a month (actually less) as I possible can. Then closer to the date I'll be making a diaper wreath! Easy. So far I've got a washcloth on the needles. I really wanted to make the garter stitch ruffles blankie and I will get the needles I need for that today after work! FUN! I am going to do the blankie, and get as much washcloths and burp cloths I possible can finished and I'll just attached them to the diaper wreath when I'm ready to do that. Awesome!

Then you figure, Erica's baby shower will probably be actually one month from Melissa's- So I'll probably just end up doing the same thing!


Lupie said...

I found your blog on
stix-n-stitchers and thought you might be interested in a group I started on Ravelry The Lesser Known Skeins. I will send you an invite.

Tracey said...

Welcome to lesser known skeins! Have fun with all of baby shower knitting.