Saturday, March 6, 2010

still MIA

Hi gang, I have been mising for almost a year now. After last april when I had the shingles, in May I thought I had pneumonia. Since then I have been back and forth to drs (all different kinds) trying to figure out whats wrong with me.
First in May I was diagnosed with Sarcoidosis, an autoimmune disease. Now the drs. think I don't have that and that I may have Lupus instead. I am waiting for an appointment with the rheumatologist that I was reffered to. In the meantime I have been on prednisone since then and just recently weaned off. Now my hair falls out, i have a rash across my face, and my joints and muscles ache daily. Man I hope they figure out what this is soon!

Hopefully I will be back to knitting again real soon!


amishsunshine said...

As a fellow knitter who was undiagnosed for a year, I have to mention that I have chronic lyme disease because a) no 'traditional' doctor would talk about it with me, and b) after a year and a few months of treatment I'm getting my life back. It gave me strange rashes, terrible joint/muscle pains, and a million other things that I never picked up on until I learned that they were actually symptoms.

Lupie said...

Oh Mija!! I got shingles about 9 years ago and shortly after found out I had Lupus.
I am going to give you my email on Ravelry so you can let me know how you are doing.

Yvette said...

Thank you ladies!

Katie said...

Oh Yvette, what a crazy ride you have been on lately! Those docs need to get their butts in gear and figure out what's wrong with you so that you can stop suffering and get back into life! I've been thinking about you so much lately. Sending lots of healing thoughts your way and lots of "hurry up and figure it out!" thoughts to your doctors!